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Rav Street Engine For Sale!

480cid RamAir V Street Engine



RAV Street Engine 4.223 bore and 4.250 stroke. Dyno sheet shown is for a completely stock single 4 barrel pull!!!!


This single 4 is the stock height of a cast iron standard Pontiac engine. Completely street with moderate valve springs and street cam to represent HP by just bolting a mild set of street heads with a stock intake on to an OEM block and cast crank, standard $450 rods and stud mounted rockers. 


With dual quads and the street tunnel ram unported was:  754.4HP/650TQ!(Tony says pulling enough air to make over 1000HP).  


This engine with race valve springs would make upwards of 850HP as the street springs quit at 6600 before the peak HP could be achieved, but this is a STREET ENGINE! We now have optional light weight valve package that extends horespower on street engines to the region of making peak power starting at $400. McCarty Racing uses technology to achieve results.



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