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Welcome to McCarty Racing!


We have been NHRA racing Pontiacs competitively ever since 1982. Our original car was a 1969 TransAm(clone) with a 440 cubic inch Tunnel Port-RamAir-V in A Modified Production (A/MP). This car clocked 146MPH at 3450 lbs and was shifted at 9000+ RPM. ARWHP of over 860HP!


 Currently Stacy McCarty has the fastest Pontiac class in Super Stock in NHRA and IHRA history with his GT/AA 428 Pontiac. This car is being fabricated for 8.50 or faster certification for some RAV fast runs with a 416 cubic inch RAV! We also race in GTCA at over 142mph and low 9.40s thus far with our TransAm.


Our dream has always been to build Pontiac tunnel port heads in aluminum.   This dream has now become a reality. We are building Pontiac engines never previously done. Currently we can go up to 700 cubic inches and plan to go to over 800 cubic inches. Our short deck engines are 303 to 428 cubic inches!


Technology is the answer to every engine combination. Watch for our state of the art Pontiac development that will be funded by the Pontiac guys who want to see Pontiacs continue to dominate the street and the racing world! 


- Lynn McCarty


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