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mCcarty Racing Street

Crate Engines

This engine was built to show Pontiac racers what an economical stock block with just regular components RAV is worth on a real dyno used everyday substantiated by real race cars on real NHRA race tracks. That is, bolt it together in your garage.

McCarty Racing Street Crate engine

4.22 bore x 4.250 stroke (about 480 inches)
RAV heads McCarty racing (cleanup $500 option)
RAV as cast street tunnel ram & RAV as cast single street intake(no porting)
Twin Holley street 750 Holleys & single 1150 dominator
RAV street one piece 2 inch street headers
OEM Pontiac block 1975
Roller street/strip cam set up (stock diameter reg cam bearings)
Crower Mechanical Roller lifters
Harlan Sharp stud mounted rockers (1.65 ratio no stud girdle)
Street Strip valve springs (like all the BBC guys use)
Ross pistons no lightening
Special RAV forged steel light weight Rods
Special RAV forged steel crank
Mallory Unilite street distributor
Regular Milodon steel oil pan no scraper, no crank tray
SD performance mega brace

This engine has 0.040 quench and only 10 to one compression. It also has unported intakes. We used no evacuation system just breather caps. We only got 7 good pulls and the dyno broke. This dyno sheet was with 80 jets(13 to one), we went to 77(14 to one) and it was too lean. Maybe a few more ponies with 78 or 79s, but that isnt the limiting factor.

As you can see by the BSFC numbers at 6800RPM, that is where we lost power from the street valve springs, so we think it will make tons more power with a bit more valve spring.

We will probably port the intake, zero deck the block and compression to 11.5 to one, scraper, crank tray, more valve spring and try again sometime in November.  If anyone is interested in purchasing this style crate engine, the starting cost is priced at $16K with single 4.

*street headers $999 (as shown)
*scraper & windage tray $199
*CSR electric water pump $199
*CNC head porting $3999
*Header coating $299

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